Reach Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Goals

For more than 30 years, Elizabeth Lupacchino, CHt, RMP has been dedicated to helping people reach their mental, physical, and emotional goals. Meditation is also a key component in reaching the serenity that is needed to overcome many obstacles.

Found on this page are some of Elizabeth’s published and unfinished books.

Our Featured Books

For more than 30 years, Elizabeth Lupacchino, CHt, RMP has been dedicated to helping people reach their mental, physical, and emotional goals.

In her desire to help transform the world, one person at a time, Elizabeth has co-authored the following books.

Angels Among Us Devotional:  Whispers of Love, Light and Blessings

This Amazon Best Seller was released in May, 2018.  Elizabeth is a co-author in this book filled with stories, experiences and encounters with Angels. Angels are always around us; we just have to be open to listen to them.  Or we have to be willing to believe and ask for their help, guidance and teachings. Each chapter is a personal story told with truth and love that will surely inspire you and bless you.

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Food for the Soul:  Daily Meditations for a Month of Transformation.

Elizabeth co-authored this book in 2014.  It was a year of turbulence and  Elizabeth wanted to write something that would give people hope.  The book is divided into three sections:  The first is for transformation of self, the second is for transformation of family and the third is for transformation of the world.  There is a blank page after each day's meditation to record thoughts, feelings and actions.  

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The Power of Prayer:  Fighting this Battle on My Knees.

This amazing book will be out in May, 2018.  It is an anthology of  how prayer has impacted their lives.  There are stories of how they used prayer, stories of how prayer saved them, stories of how prayer has kept them going, and stories of what prayer means to them.  There are also heartfelt prayers written by the individual authors.  See for yourself how quickly lives can be changed with just a simple prayer.

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A PRISONER IN MY OWN                    BODY

This book, based on a true story, has a release date in early 2019.  It is a love story between a husband and wife and the difficult life and death decisions they were forced to make.  Denise was suffering from a debilitating disease that was ravaging her body and robbing her of her most basic dignities.  Her adoring husband, Harry, suffered emotionally watching her deteriorate more and more each day.  The question is what do we do?  

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